You are the only exception.

by arishaaar

Why am I always thinking about you?

Why do you keep popping up in my life when I thought I was over all thoughts of you?

Why do you bring my hopes up with texts and calls and late night visits and then stop abruptly, always keeping me on the edge, always keeping me waiting for the next unexpected meeting?

Why are you … so perfect?

I confessed on our third year as close friends on Valentine’s Day. You told me this wouldn’t work out because you’re much older than me and maybe I’ll find someone better and younger who is closer to my age and can relate better to me than you. I accepted that. I could handle that, I never expected you to say yes. But a little part in me died when you did that. Don’t you know that I really do like you?

Just when I thought I had completely gotten over that (mind you it’s been 4 months since that.), you pop up in the cinema where I was watching Avengers (#PHEELS) at. PURE COINCIDENCE. But it’s like somehow fate is playing it’s game on me again. You always come into my life when I least expect you to then leave as quickly as you came but I know that you are still my friend so I’m always left to ponder when your next text will be or the next coincidental situation we are both in. 

Let’s take a recent example shall we?

I met you at the cinema and we hung out for the whole night (okay until 11PM). We conversed on the phone for the entire week, getting my hopes up that we could become close close buddies again. Then once Sunday came, you stopped talking to me for 6 days, bringing my hopes down once more. Then I thought to myself, he’s probably bored now, maybe I can text him now. I did, and you replied. You came over and we talked and talked until 6:30AM in the morning. Boy did I miss your late night visits. The thrill of the possibility of getting caught by knowing that we aren’t because we’ve done this countless times.

I always wonder if you really do like me, but being older than me, (to me, I think) you felt that maybe I don’t need someone like you. Maybe you thought that you don’t think you’re good enough. Maybe you’re still heartbroken by your last love and that I’ll deceive you the way she did. Break up with you the way she did.

Dude. I promise I won’t be like her. Fuck it I’ll marry you and have one hell of a husband because you ARE going to be one hell of a husband whether it is to the girl you marry in the future or me. You WILL be one hell of a husband.

If I do break up with you, I’m sorry. I’m not even sure who will be the one calling quits. If it is me, I will most likely have a solid good reason to it. It won’t be because I fell for another guy or something along that line. No. Our relationship, it’ll be perfect. Not the actual perfect because no one knows what it really is but it’ll be perfect in our eyes. It’ll be us against the world. We might not be the best looking people in town but hey, if I’ve got you, heck I’m the happiest person ever.

Basically what I’m saying is, I still like you.