Beautiful night.

by arishaaar

So today I went for my friend’s grandfather’s wake. He passed on Father’s day, last Sunday. I went there to pay respects with my mom.

I found out that my friend, same age as me smokes. Well it wasn’t that hard to figure out since he smelt like it anyways. But I did learn that no matter what he is, whether he’s gonna come out of school not becoming some famous doctor or what, I’ll still be his friend, through thick and thin.

I realized who my real friends really are. The ones who have stuck with me for 12 years. Not those stupid girls who flit from friend to friend, constantly trying to bring each other down. Why hadn’t I realized that when I was younger? Why did I always seek out friends in school when I know that one day we’ll just be strangers later on.

Sitting with another friend while he smoked made me see how strong our bonds were. It made me see how close we’ve been in our hearts even though we’ve had no contact with each other for years. How we’d still stick up for one another no matter what background we have or what we’re doing at this moment or even what we do in the future. Sure we’ll advise to do otherwise but we respect each other’s choices and decisions.

I love them. I will love them more than my future boyfriend. I will love and cherish them forever.

Tonight we are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun.