Go to hell for an eternal moment.

by arishaaar

Are you even sorry that you pissed two young girls off? Aren’t you supposed to be humble, a role model for us to look up to ‘cos you’re older than us? You made N cry. What’s up with you man?

Come on, we made you a cake for your birthday, thinking that it might cheer your gloomy week up. We thought it would be special, something we would all enjoy. No. You had to mess it all up, saying you were tired and that you had dinner. Not even a single sign of appreciation, not even a smile or thanks or compliment. We took ages to make that cake. Would you do the same for us? Our birthdays our coming up soon as well. Will you spend that much just to even think about us and how your present or even presence would make that day special? 

BItch. I just drew the line when you said we were PMS-y.