Like or like like?

by arishaaar

Recently my friend has come to me yet again for advice.

There’s this guy (it’s always because of guys) who she is confused about whether he likes her or not. She’s the type of person who doesn’t think before speaking and talks to everyone casually. She tells everyone she loves them (as girls always do with each other). So guy M and her are talking and she jokes and says, “You still love J right? Haha I jealous!” and he replies with, “No. I love you L.” and tweets something along the lines of “I fear you may think me a fool if I confess.” She proceeds to tell me she is confused about her own feelings for him because he is quite a friendly person and is slowly falling for him day by day. She comes to me, telling me I have to help her in this, find out if he’s good for her before they pursue anything further because she’s afraid she’ll break up and go into depression again if he’s not the one.

Firstly, I don’t even know this guy personally and everything is over text so it’s hard to read his emotions. He could take her nicknames given to him and joking as a form of affection and flirting and may be lead on or be completely joking. Now for L, she’s easily led on by these guys who are nice and funny. She judges people solely on the chats and texts she has with them. The last boyfriend she had lasted 7 days and the two were so awkward with each other once they finally met for the first time but on texts they were calling each other “baby” and “dear”. He ditched her later for home.

I tell her to take it slow and just talk to him normally and try avoiding anymore nicknames or any “i love you lah” kind of talk. To a girl who has a little crush on a guy who has said that, it could mean the world to them. If she didn’t have a little bit of feelings for M she wouldn’t be asking me to help her! But now, I have once again involved myself in this love guru thing.

Why is it I can give so much advice to my friends who are looking or are confused about love but when it comes to my own crush I just lose all sense and go all fluffy…