It’s a mean cycle.

by arishaaar

Woah. Just. Hold up.

Just because you three think you’re so HIGH and MIGHTY, you can pick on us. I’m sorry but has anyone given you any rights to do that? This is human rights! I have the RIGHT to stand up for myself and my friends and tell you to SHUT. THE FUCK UP. Before I fuck your face up. You want that? I can GUARANTEE that. You think you’re so TOUGH because you have friends who are gangsters? MOTHERFUCKER PLEASE. Come back and tell me that when you find REAL gangster friends that sadly do not reside in our sunny little shit hole.

Oh ho don’t come and tell me you got the money to sue me. You are what 15? Well so am I. REALITY CHECK: OUR PARENTS CONTROL OUR FUCKED UP LIVES BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN OUR ICs YET. I have not been suspended, I have not been in any teacher’s bad books or sucked up to them. I have been good so that in case there is that one time that I have to use my careful reputation of nearly zero demerit points versus your hundreds accumulated over the years. Now who will believe you, the one with the short skirt, altered uniform, and open bitching?

You don’t go and steal other people’s friends with the blind hope of popularity when you earned yours infamously. You feed off other people’s originality. Yes I call the two who the three of you bitch about constantly original because at least they got infamous in their own way. I bitch about them too yes but do I do it excessively? Is that the only thing that makes me feel good? NO. I’d much rather stay at home. Then later you go and detach her from your tiny clique. Was she even in there or were you all also just feeding off her kindness and how she isn’t blocked by the people you hate? Well because of that you have caused others to turn their backs on her. It’s not fair.

Oh because I use references from movies or something along that line, you insult my fandom? YOU. INSULTED. IT. Obviously I’m too advanced for you. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research. I QUOTE:

Me: *pats all the girls doing A Math with broom from a distance* there there… (referencing to that gif on tumblr)

C: What. You Harry Potter ah?
A: You’re asking for it girl! You’re so lucky you don’t take the subject, so be grateful.


I’m going to basically criticize them now.

C, when bitching about someone who has obviously higher level English skills than you, you must refrain from using ‘ah’. You also are not in the right place to blatantly talk about Harry Potter as you are not a fan. One does not use movies that the opposition is a fan of to insult her/him.

A, ‘girl’ does not make you sound ghetto. Good on you for the correct usage of ‘you’re’ though.

Weeks ago, C mentioned something that was utterly hilarious.

“Actually N isn’t so pretty. I think I am prettier than her.” and A agreed.

Oh god. That was one of the funniest I have ever heard in my life.

I don’t think you’re all that attractive. You haven’t been scouted, or gone to a magazine photoshoot. Once again, I laugh.

I do thank the three of you though, for bringing my best friend closer to me again (I think.)

Where’s your gavel? Your jury?
What’s my offence this time?
You’re not a judge but if you’re gonna judge me.
Well, sentence me to another life.