Cupid’s Choke-hold.

by arishaaar


You should have.

I mean, I made it rather obvious didn’t I? I wanted you to be mine yet you brushed me off with the “I’m not meant for you because…” excuses. Outside, I may have had my usual uncaring expressions, laughing everything off, joking about it later on and assuring you that this would never ever be mentioned ever again. Inside, I was torn between moving on and pursuing you. My head definitely said, “Leave him. He’s probably right.” My heart said, “No harm in trying again, you haven’t found out if he likes you yet.”

Finally we are at the dreaded day. The 9th of October. The day you go into the army. It may not be as big as the other NS boys to you since you get to come home every single evening but it’s another stage in your life. Even if you do get to come home every day, you definitely wouldn’t have time for me. You’d be out with friends, staying at home when I so happen to be out, texting others who are more important to you than I am.

Just do me a favour and remember me.