Everybody Talks

by arishaaar

If it wasn’t for her, none of us would have gotten into trouble.

The things she says and does make her appear anorexic. After eating for example, half an apple which is not at all fattening she says, “I’m full.” Later at home she bakes herself a whole batch of peanut-butter cookies and eats the whole hing by herself followed by a string of complaints that she’s growing too fat but she was too hungry when she got home even after eating lunch.

Her main goal is probably to gain the attention of the people she sits with (those 3 in “It’s a Mean Cycle.” and some others in the same group. They tell her she’s not fat and that she can continue to eat whatever she wants because she’s still skinny.

The other day while we were sitting on the hall floor, she was seated in front of me with a good friend of mine who is a gymnast. Gymnasts have strong muscular legs and my friend was sitting in a butterfly (?) position (feet touching each other forming a diamond in between legs) which showed off her legs. That same bitch proceeded to hike her skirt up higher onto about mid-thigh and she was poking at her not-so-muscular-but-somewhat-slim legs and saying she had a lot of fats there and she didn’t know why. Us being girls, we like to bitch about each other a lot and she was giving herself up as sacrifice, begging to be bitched about. So we went about our natural ways, giving each other weird looks as we glanced back and forth at her. I was whispering it to my friend next to me when she so happened to turn around and hear me talking about her.

“WHAT YOU WANT.” She said loudly to me.

“Why you show off your legs?!” I replied, my blood was already boiling at that point. Her face disgusts me.

“Cannot meh? (Singaporean talk- Why not?) Why must you say so loud?!” She shoots back. I glare at her and give her infinite rude gestures behind her back. One could probably say I was shooting daggers at her through my eyes.

I told her number one hater who is a very close friend and she felt bad for me and started going off about her once more. Let’s call her P. This all happened last week.

So today, our discipline master decided to pay our class a visit and then called her and P out. Once they had finished their explanations, he called L (from “like or like like?”), Nat and V out.

Judging by what Nat had told me, it seems like he had called them out to hear their sides of the story and that bitch had told on them. C had tweeted once that bitch should stop saying she’is anorexic because she’s not and then blocked her. Due to the involvement of some of us the 3 of them were called out as well to give their sides.

I didn’t witness this first hand as I called in sick today but that bitch really went too far. Now the whole class probably can’t use our phone in class, we will be scrutinized every single day by our discipline master and the dean. We’ll be treated like the other class with tons of problem people creating inconveniences for the school.

People like her should be wiped off the face of the earth.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

This is why I weep for humanity.

“Stupid hoes is my enemy
Stupid hoes is so whack
Stupid hoe shoulda befriended me
Then she coulda probably came back”