The issue of Doubt and Trust.

by arishaaar

Every once in a while, a little drama pops into your life. Whether it involves you directly or indirectly, or even something you just happen to observe in your everyday life, there will always be drama. Sometimes when they don’t really involve you, it’s funny to watch.

Drama becomes extremely annoying especially when it happens everyday. In a girls’ school. These girls that constantly create trouble for themselves say, “I hate drama.” “You don’t know what it feels like to be hated, to be having to deal with so much shit. You are so free and happy, never having to deal with this sort of thing.” No. NO. You guys created the problem. You waded into it voluntarily. It didn’t just happen. You MADE IT HAPPEN. I am happier because I didn’t let these things bother me, I didn’t hang out with the wrong people, I didn’t mingle with boys at a young age of 11. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

I want to tell them that so much.

But they never listen.

They only know how to bitch and bitch and BITCH. Bitch so much until people around them who don’t normally bitch get dragged in bitching about them, complaining about them. Then when they find out they start to bitch about us, calling us all sorts of names. Now we didn’t mean no harm, we only sought to stop them.

They spend all their time bitching that they neglect their studies, even disrupting classes by asking teachers about something related to their current subject and our teacher would give the entire class (min. 7) a long long lecture about how there is good in everyone, they are only misunderstood, maybe their parents are at fault for their neglect ETC. Some of us (like me) join in occasionally but it’s never something we dwell on too much. It’s good to let it out but too much is unhealthy.

There was this plan to ignore a friend of mine because apparently “both groups” think that she is a two-faced bitch and only know how to bitch about both sides. So they think of the most ridiculous way of stopping her. By completely ignoring her. I had literally JUST patched our friendship back together and now they want me to ignore her? I didn’t approve of this plan they had concocted and tried to stay neutral.

It backfired.

In the end, instead of stopping her, 2 of “us” went over to “their” side and now do nothing but expose our secrets and bitch about us. What happened to being indifferent together? What happened to being together to laugh at “their” lowliness. WHAT. HAPPENED?

It’s a life lesson we all have to learn sooner or later. Trust no one. Not even your best friend sometimes. Of course there are always exceptions who are completely and utterly trustworthy and you just know that your secrets are in safe hands, under lock and key with them. We must learn to discern between the (to put it plainly) good and bad.