humans & monsters

by arishaaar

Hello. First post after my exams. Second day in Melbourne.

I was just thinking about how much cruelty and prejudice there is in the world, in everyone. How everyone can turn into another person at the snap of a finger, the bat of an eyelid. How people go from friendly, wonderful people to exceptionally mean people out to destroy someone’s life. Suicides happen because of people who put that amount of mental stress on someone’s mind. Murders, people killing people. The loss of a job, a boss firing an employee. Bullying, a person insulting and assaulting another person. All these and more have the ability to drive someone insane.

So what really are monsters? Scary, terrifying, horrible, disgusting? I’ll tell you what, you ask someone who has been bullied, who’s just got fired and the family members of a murder victim. What will they tell you? Most likely how much hate they’ve harboured and probably spit some negative words out as well. Aren’t those words the exact some words you would hear someone describing their latest nightmare or horror movie monsters? Are humans not monsters then? Are we not actually monsters in disguise, waiting to pounce on unknowing victims, lying in wait for our next prey, out to kill?