If You Were Pretty, You Could

by arishaaar

Thought Catalog

I was going on about a boy that I liked as my friend and I walked back to our apartment from lunch. I had liked him for months. He was sweet and talented and thoughtful. He was also good looking, went to an expensive private university, and came from a good family. Liking him and actually making a move felt like two very different things.

“I’m definitely not his type. Besides, his family would never accept someone like me,” I said, “I could never—”

“Well if you were pretty, you could,” my friend said.


If I was pretty. I think that I actually physically gasped. I was insulted. I was sad. I was confused.

She obviously saw my reaction and quickly said that she was sorry and didn’t mean it “that way.” She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to cry because she thought that I was angry…

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