by arishaaar

Alright, new laptop, new me.

It’s slightly less than a week to the official start of my new school year, the school I will be going to for the next 3 years. It’s also the middle of the fourth month of the year and I have done quite a few things such as going to work and I also went to my school’s Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) and made lots of new friends who I have become very close to and am eternally grateful for them because now I start school with a bunch of awesome people. Also went to my faculty’s orientation programme (ICT) and made new friends too! Thank god for friends, they always know how to brighten up your gloomy days.

Work was alright, dreaded it after about a week or two after starting mostly ‘cos I had to wake up early sigh and I kept getting nasty calls but what to do? At least the people in the office were nice, they made my days so much better. But it was really boring haha. I remember counting down the hours ’til the end of the day and counting the days ’til my last day. I feel counting down to something helps a great deal when looking forward to a certain day. Makes me more and more excited as the numbers decrease. Well at least I have some money now yay!

I think the best thing that ever happened to me so far has to be FOC. I’m actually not one for camps, especially overnight camps but I decided to give this one a try because I was super excited to start school so I wanted to do as much things related to it as possible. I met the loveliest bunch ever, Sotereus freshies, GLs and our wonderful DH. It was a major culture shock to see so many boys around but I guess I’m getting used to it now. Still better at talking to girls obviously. Have to start building close relationships with guys.. not just girls. So hard.. how does one do it? How does one start a conversation with a guy they know and only talk to when with the group they met through? It’s just so strange..

But anyways, Sotereus is seriously the best group I’ve ever been in! Our BBQ was so fun, throwing everyone into the pool and just having a great time together. Marina Barrage, Sentosa and out sleepover was great fun as well. I’ve never had boys over to sleep or so many people (10!!) sleeping at my house before. New year, new things! And not forgetting our little outings here and there, like yesterday’s supposed shopping outing (I only bought a skirt and a top in the end sigh) with most of the girls and Edric, then Kelvin and Brandon and Ilmudeen (who I missed because I had to have dinner with my family). It was so fun playing around with the virtual clothes booth at Somerset 313. Edric our model forever!! Love our GLs, they’re such good sports. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to be our GLs. Had a really wonderful time seeing all their faces. They never fail to make me laugh or smile and it’s truly addictive, everyone else around us can feel it too. It’s a magical feeling, to have no cares in the world and just having good fun with your mates. I’m excited to start school with them, 6 more days!!

I miss my other friends a lot too, despite new ones. I miss vanny & elizabeth, why do you have to be in Australia. I miss geri, why do you have to go to SP and not NP argh damn posting system. I miss nat, why are we in different faculties. We barely have any free time together in our timetable. I miss everyone else too, but I think we will pull through the next few years even without each other being as close as we are at the moment. We will make new friends, and maybe we’ll become more distant but I hope we at least still talk. I would hate to lose my current bunch of friends to distance. But what can I say? I can’t control what happens in their lives.

Some thoughts about the future.. the number one question on my mind nowadays because of someone, boyfriend? and what kind of lessons will I have? Will they be interesting? Boring? What kind of teachers will I have? What kind of work will they give me? So many uncertain things and I’m excited to find out the answers to them, whether they’re bad or good. I’m looking forward to this new school. I have been since sec 2 ahah it’s time it started!