damn, I think I love you

by arishaaar



Damn you. That’s all I have to say to you.



so damn hard for you.

You’re so wonderful. I love how you make me and everyone laugh so maniacally I think we might need to be sent to the mental hospital soon with your goofy antics and the hilarious faces you constantly pull. They never fail to crack me up when I need it most. I love seeing you so enthusiastically putting your all into all the cheers and interacting with many people at our faculty orientation, I hope they feel better and less awkward because you showed them just because we’re in ICT doesn’t mean we are all quiet nerds who are glued to our computers. You show us all how to have fun and I hope a lot more people join society because you encouraged them to, because you helped the GLs see how fun it is to organise orientations like this. I hope the current committee see your enthusiasm and your eagerness to join ICTsociety and let you join almost immediately. I also hope they let me join as exco or ecomm. I love how it not only applies to ICT but also to our FOC group. Even though now you know so many other people who might turn out to be more fun then Sotereus people but you still take the time to come and chill with us and I love that.

I know it’s selfish but I hope you don’t become a “popular kid” and forget about all of us. You’re such a good friend (and potentially, a good boyfriend), we would all be heartbroken to lose you. A group isn’t complete without a joker and you are, and we love you for that.

I think I fantasise way too much about you. How your height is just perfect for me to sit on your shoulders and observe the world from that height, giving me a chance to catch a glimpse into your field of vision and how it’s like to tower over everyone. I love how you’re not that muscular because I don’t mind a bit of squishy bits, but you’re still strong enough to be able to grasp me tightly. I love the way you dress, it accentuates the sheer length of your legs and just makes you look even more appealing than you already do in your home wear. I just want to watch sunsets and sunrises with you, teach you ice-skating, let you literally engulf my small hand in your large ones. You make me want to wear pretty dresses and lay in the grass, sit on tree branches and run around. We could be mischievous together, you bring that side out of me. You could teach me how to cycle, ‘cos I don’t mind if you laugh at me. I think about your lovely forearms and what it’d be like to hold them in my hands. I think about you tangling your fingers in my hair. I think about you walking me home, like you did yesterday, which was magical for me, even though maybe it wasn’t for you. I wish to link my arms with yours as we complain about how brutal it is to walk up and down the hill from my house and you snapping your fingers, trying to scare me. I think about long hugs and the smell of you forever imprinted in my mind. I think about the time you let me have a whiff of your cologne (which I don’t understand why you put on seeing as we were at the beach and nobody really cares what you smell like. But the fact that you did, makes me think you care about looking and smelling good, which is absolutely attractive.) I think about how shy we would be because neither of us have been in a relationship before and maybe it scares us, maybe it scares only one of us but I know you would care because I can see it in you.

I wonder if sometimes you think about me that way, or think about me at all. But you probably don’t, and I don’t know why I think about you because I don’t think you will ever reciprocate my feelings.

or will you??