first week back

by arishaaar

I am drained already. It’s only been a week, 5 days of school and I’m feeling drained in all ways.

Monday was alright, then I had a 4 hour lesson on storytelling & scriptwriting which I thought would be fairly alright to cope with. Boy, I was so wrong. I had to free write and I had no clue what to write. I also got homework (kind of) to write short stories and my writing skills are so rusty… I kept over thinking everything, which is not good. I need to stop.

Tuesday I had no school because IS does not start until this coming Tuesday so I had lunch with a friend and got my girly stuff done.

Wednesday I had the most draggy art lesson ever and we started with my least favourite aspect, perspective! Which I am still absolute shit at… hope I’ll get better. But wow I felt like the worse in class ‘cos everyone else either took art or talented and I’m just there like hi.

Thursday was the first day out of the whole week I had to wake up early. Had a rather boring lesson for Principles of Animation. Good thing the teacher let us watch a movie (Over the Hedge!) and some old disney stuff. Thank God class ended early because our next lesson got cancelled due to the teacher being away.

Friday was another day I had to wake up early and also it was a full day. In the morning I had an alright lesson, Fundamentals of Creative Professionals, whatever that means. Then after lunch I had History of Film & Animation, which I hate to admit, but I was bored to death and could barely stay awake. My teacher’s kinda.. strange.. After class I went to meet my FOC mates for the Freshmen Dance Party which was unfortunately not that great, so we left. Movies Under the Stars was alright but there were so many bugs and it was hot and humid so we migrated to the clubrooms where we just hung and chill. Got some of them to walk me home haha I feel so bad for suggesting it now… Hope they don’t think I’m some spoiled girl who needs company for the walk home. But it’s seriously really dark and lonely. What if I get kidnapped?!

Sigh and kind of to my surprise, I got homework. But I didn’t expect them to be graded (sorta) and for every module?!

S&S: class work (submitted)
D&P: 5 sketches with 1 point perspective + perspective practice + tone practice
PAN: idea for 40-60 page flipbook
FCP: art piece
HFA: vlog for an essay

I don’t want to do a vlog but argh… wonder if I can just type it all out. It’s so much easier and less time consuming. FCP art piece I’m not used to because I have to get references and come up with my own art piece but ‘cos I didn’t take art for O’s, it’s so new to me but everyone else is like oh, like art. Then I have no clue what to do for a flipbook and I haven’t started on my sketches haha! Hope I’m able to finish them by the dates. Argh. Need to get a goddamn blue pencil too. But sigh, where to buy. I’m not even going out today.

I’m still thinking about him. He’s so disinterested in me I think. I want to give up but I can’t bear to. He shows no signs but I don’t know, he’s someone I really really like and just… I have thought of way too many scenarios to just give up! I hope at least it fades. But need distractions. Sigh, he’s so good…. It may sound a little ego but I really think we’d be right for each other. (Friend: so cute ‘cos both of you haven’t been in a relationship before.) I sigh all the time.