7 Awesome Things Women Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Enjoying

by arishaaar

Thought Catalog

If I have learned one thing in my years of writing for the internet, it’s that people hate when you like shit. More precisely, they hate when you’re a young woman who likes shit — and they ESPECIALLY hate when you’re a young woman who likes shit that they think is dumb. Announce that you like manicures, or trade some tips on a good beehive, and watch people come scrambling over the fences like rabid gender zombies to tell you how you’re setting feminism back fifty years. Well, I’m here to put my foot down and tell you that those people are idiots, and we should being enjoying the stuff we enjoy EVEN HARDER in the face of their ignorance. Here’s to our beloved #girly stuff, everyone!

1. Makeup

You know what makeup is like? It’s like being a painter, except your face is the canvas, and instead of selling…

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