Being An Extrovert Isn’t Easy, Either

by arishaaar


Thought Catalog

I remember the first time a man told me that I should “stop flirting.” He was my boyfriend, I was about 20, and we were waiting to get our coffees. I was talking to the male barista, making conversation about the school we both attended (we were right next to campus) while he steamed the milk. “You’re being desperate” my boyfriend told me, his voice filled with venom, “Why do you have to flirt with every guy you see?” I was taken aback, suddenly had no appetite for the tall vanilla latte I had been waiting for. I apologized, even though I wasn’t sure what I really had done, and from that point on made sure not to talk to male servers and baristas unless it was absolutely necessary (or I was alone).

Of course, it wasn’t the first time someone had assumed I was flirting with a strange man…

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