31 Aphorisms Every Single Girl Should Live By

by arishaaar

Thought Catalog

via Flickr – André Felipe

I don’t care too much for New Year’s resolutions (or blog posts about them, ironically). For me, they’re too grandiose — lose weight, drink less, stop sleeping with emotionally unavailable, narcissistic men — to realistically define, track or achieve.

Intention is great but willpower often loses to reality after six short weeks. Only a mere 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their big ideas. I’m no mathematician but I believe that means a staggering 92 percent of people fail miserably at a daunting to-do list.

Instead of resolutions, I write down aphorisms each year to help influence my mindset and guide my thoughts and behaviors well beyond the next 365 days. Some are poignant reminders; others aim to dramatically shift my thinking; few are audaciously clichéd; all are to be repeated over and over again until proclaiming them out loud wills them into reality.

  1. Challenge…

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